Railway Children logo

Railway Children fight for vulnerable children who live alone at risk on the streets, where they suffer abuse and exploitation. In the UK, society often denies their existence, and in other countries the problem is so prevalent that it has become ‘normal’.

Rail Supply Group logo

The Rail Supply Group aims to strengthen the capability and competitiveness of the UK rail supply chain to grow business at home and abroad.

The National Skills Academy Rail logo

NSARE was established in November 2010, and NSARE Limited was incorporated in January 2011 as a ‘not for profit’ company, wholly owned by its Members. In December 2015, we dropped the ‘E’ from our name to reflect the wider industry view that we focus on all aspects of the rail industry not the engineering elements. Today we have in excess of 360 Member organisations and in June 2013, we were presented with our BS 11000 Certificate of Registration for Collaborative Business Relationships.

Rail Forum logo

The Rail Forum is a national industry body with strong regional connections, based at the heart of one of the largest clusters of rail companies in the world.

The Railway Benefit Fund logo

The Railway Benefit Fund started in 1858 and has been helping railway people for over 150 years.

We are the only charity to solely support railway people and their families.

The charity has one simply mission – to improve the quality of life of current and former railway people in the UK through the provision of customised support.

Young Rail Professionals logo

Young Rail Professionals (YRP) was founded in 2009 to promote, inspire and develop the next generation of railway talent. YRP brings together people from all aspects of the industry, whether they are involved in engineering, asset management, train operations, strategic planning, maintenance, franchising, regulation, marketing or human relations. We are open to any early career rail professional.