Angel Trains

Angel Trains is one of Britain’s leading train leasing companies. The company has been an owner and lessor of rolling stock since 1994 and is one of the largest private investors in the UK rail industry.

Since privatisation, the company has invested in excess of £4.7 billion in new rolling stock and refurbishment programmes, supporting 2,500 skilled jobs across the UK in places such as Doncaster, Kilmarnock, Widnes and Cwmbran.

The company leases to all 18 franchised operators and two open access operators in the UK. Angel Trains is passionate about financing and delivering high quality modern assets to its customers and is committed to working with the Government, the Rail Delivery Group (“RDG”), the Rail Supply Group (“RSG”) and other stakeholders to provide innovative funding solutions to modernise and improve the UK’s train fleet.

  • Angel Trains is wholly committed to supporting the diversification of the rail industry’s workforce and is dedicated to encouraging more women to view the UK rail sector as a long-lasting career option.

    Angel Trains is a proud sponsor of the Women in Rail group which was founded by Adeline Ginn, General Counsel at Angel Trains, with the support of Malcolm Brown, Chief Executive Officer at Angel Trains, to provide networking opportunities and support for all women in the rail industry.

    Now in its fifth year, the group promotes rail as an attractive career choice to younger generations. Women in Rail works to influence key stakeholders and develops initiatives aimed at improving gender balance and bridging the skills gap in UK rail.

    The Big Rail Diversity Challenge is a hugely important step in the Women in Rail agenda. While the charity has long provided women in the industry a platform on which to interact and support one another, this initiative seeks to disprove one of the most destructive myths in professional life: that women and men cannot work effectively together.

    By engaging both men and women in equal measure the industry can tackle inequality head on, creating a more productive and successful industry in the process.