First Group

We have five divisions which draw on common skills and expertise, but which are varied by geography, customer base and a mix of contract and passenger revenue.

Operating, managing and maintaining a combined fleet of 50,000 vehicles, our broad footprint in the UK and North America gives us experience of two of the most developed markets in the world for transport services, and a breadth of expertise across different regulatory and contractual environments.

With more than 100,000 employees across the Group, we carry approximately 2.1 billion passengers a year, generating revenues of approximately £6.4bn a year.

FirstGroup aspire to be a diverse and inclusive organisation because we believe that diversity brings benefits for our customers, communities and our people.

The Big Rail Diversity Challenge is an excellent opportunity to help, support and expose our companies to understand that diverse experiences and attitudes bring benefits such as innovation, creativity and a competitive edge.

The Big Rail Diversity Challenge is a good balance between conveying a serious message, whilst having some fun! And who doesn’t like a bit of competition?!

Team “First Things First” aim to live up to their name in the challenges!