Nuclear Transport Solutions

We are specialists in the operational, commercial, engineering, legal and regulatory expertise that underpin nuclear transport and logistics operations.

We operate Direct Rail Services (DRS) and Pacific Nuclear Transport Limited (PNTL) who have decades of experience of providing safe, secure and reliable transport solutions.

We use our world-leading expertise to deliver commercial activities for a range of customers in the UK and overseas. For example, our unique high security shipping capabilities support UK and global security goals, with the aim of making the world a safer place.

NTS also works for customers outside the nuclear sector. For example, we operate a number of intermodal rail freight services in consumer goods and general freight markets. Undertaking this work ensures our capabilities and assets are maintained and enhanced, and generates additional revenue to support the NDA’s mission.

We employ 750 people at locations throughout the UK, as well as in Japan and France.

  • We wanted to join the event to give our Mental Health first aid team a chance for a bit of timeout and fun as a group.  They voluntarily look after all the staff, from all levels and all department within NTS, listening, supporting and signposting when needed, all whilst carrying on with the day job of keeping the business running of which they are all essential.  They have been a lifeline for many in the business throughout the pandemic with the covid situation and the many legs it grew, as well as being there to support people through the coming together of two companies to make NTS.  So, we thought this was a great way for them to have a bit of time to let everything out.