Play That Junky Music (delivered by Railway Children)

Railway Children fights for street children every day, helping them in some of the most vulnerable young people across the world. In India, some of these children try and earn some vital money by wading through rubbish dumps trying to find items of value that they can sell to buy food and water.

We all know how much rubbish there is in our country and your challenge is to take some of this junk and create a musical TV advert that not only transforms these items into a musical symphony of sound but also lays down the beats for an inspiring and uplifting song about street children across the world and how we can help them.

In a race against the clock, you will need musicians, camera operators, directors and creative heroes but mainly a bit of oomph! This session is all about energy, belief and passion – let yourselves go and become the new version of STOMP!

Points will be awarded out of twenty for teamwork, creativity, choreography and delivery of the charity message. The videos will then be shared on social media to get you maximum exposure and raise awareness of the cause! You could be the next viral superstars!

Have you got a hidden singer, drummer or dancer in your team – here’s your chance to unleash your inner rock star and see each other in a whole new light!