On Friday 30th September 2016 over 300 rail industry personnel were welcomed from across the sector by Adeline Ginn, Founder of Women in Rail to compete in the inaugural Big Rail Diversity Challenge.

The event achieved its aim by proving that gender-balanced teams really do work better together – whilst raising awareness of the business benefits attained when engaging an equal ratio of 50% female and 50% male.

A cross between “It’s a Knockout” and “Krypton Factor”, The Big Rail Diversity Challenge provided participants with an opportunity to network, team build and fundraise whilst undertaking fun gender balanced team challenges.

Teams took part in a physically and mentally demanding set of challenges, from soapbox building to mind boggling quizzes, Haka dances to blindfolded baking, simulator racing experiences to space hopper relays and human table football to supercar laps!

The event closed with a fun award ceremony and acknowledgement was paid to teams who stood out in individual challenges, taking into consideration the highest scores earned, team effort, cooperation and communication.


“The Railway Children Shelter Building Charity Challenge Award”

“Best Team Name Award”

“The Collaborative Teamwork Award”

“Team of the Year Award”


  • Company NameTeam NameScore

The Big Rail Diversity Challenge saw teams excel across the individual challenges

Acknowledgement was provided to teams achieving individual challenge winning status on the day.

Those Superstars are:

Le Mans Soapbox: Best Kart Built
Presented to team CrossCountry, representing CrossCountry
CrossCountry company logo
Ninja Warrior: Best Team Effort
Presented to team Siemens Enginuity, representing Siemens
Siemens Mobility company logo
Laser Maze: Best Team Effort
Presented to VolkerRail Rockets, representing VolkerRail
VolkerRail company logo
Underground in a Day: Best Team Communication and Coordination
Presented to Knorr-Bremse, representing Knorr-Bremse
Knorr-Bremse Rail UK company logo
Human Table Football: Most Goals scored
Presented to The Road Railers, representing VolkerRail
VolkerRail company logo
Haka Challenge: Best Haka performance
Presented to Tractive Effort, representing SNC Lavalin
SNC Lavalin company logo
Spider’s Web: Best Team Effort
Presented to SCS, representing SCS Railways (Skanska Costain)
Skanska, Costain and STRABAG (SCS) company logo
Spider Mountain: Best Team Effort
Presented to Derby’s Angels, representing Angel Trains
Angel Trains company logo
Racing Aces: Fastest Lap
Presented to MTR Crossrail, representing MTR Crossrail
MTR Crossrail company logo
Shunter’s Yard: Fastest Time to complete
Presented to Tractive Effort, representing SNC Lavalin
SNC Lavalin company logo
The Great Diversity Bake Off: Highest Score and Team Coordination
Presented to Moving High Speed, representing High Speed 2
High Speed Two company logo


  • VolkerFitzpatrick is part of VolkerWessels UK, a multidisciplinary construction and civil engineering group operating across the UK, in six operating companies.

    VolkerFitzpatrick is one of the leading engineering and construction companies in the UK and provide specialist building, civil engineering and rail expertise to a range of markets to provide a truly integrated service to clients. We possess proven experience and deliver successful projects in a wide range of industries, including commercial, industrial, education, rail infrastructure and depots, airports, waste and energy.

    Our teams of skilled and dedicated staff work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and objectives to deliver quality projects that are innovative, sustainable and exceed expectations.

    Of upmost importance on all our sites and projects is the safety of our 850+ employees, our subcontractors and the communities in which we work.

    We believe in pushing boundaries in the pursuit of equality, diversity and inclusion. So, our teams can be comfortable that, whatever their background, VolkerFitzpatrick is a place where they can be themselves and thrive.

    It is important to us that inclusion is a key part of our culture, and that everyone feels welcome and valued. We want all of our workplaces to be environments where everyone has the opportunity to participate and fulfil their potential.

    We are committed to attracting and retaining a diverse workforce, and to creating a diverse and inclusive environment that supports our people, our supply chain and partners, our clients and all of our stakeholders.

  • We are supporting The Big Rail Diversity Challenge to demonstrate our commitment to making the rail industry a more inclusive and representative environment, thus better reflecting the make-up of the industry’s customer base. We truly connect with The Big Rail Diversity Challenge’s message that gender diversity is better for people, better for business and better for rail. RSL and Matchtech are highly motivated to be part of this change; spearheading a move towards greater gender diversity across all of our operations.

    As an organisation dedicated to connecting quality talent with top employers, we understand the value a diverse workforce brings to every workplace and the part we play in this as a recruitment provider. Furthermore, as a supplier dedicated to the UK rail & recruitment market space, we understand the extent of this industry’s diversity challenges and know there is much more work to be done to promote equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion. We are excited to connect with companies across our industry as part of The Big Rail Diversity Challenge, to share best practice, learn from our peers to inform our own processes and ultimately make rail a more gender diverse industry.

    Resourcing Solutions
  • Our people sit at the heart of our business ensuring we maintain our culture, character, and capability whilst enabling us to deliver service excellence. We are on a continuous journey to develop a diverse and inclusive workplace for our employees and by supporting the Big Rail Diversity Challenge and Women in Rail, shows our commitment to promoting the importance of creating a diverse and inclusive workforce within the rail industry, where everyone can succeed and showcase their amazing talents.

  • During 2021 Pandrol have taken a number of steps that signal their intent to develop a more inclusive and diverse workplace across all of our UK sites.    Signing up to Women in Rails Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Charter and our involvement in the Big Rail Diversity Challenge reflects Pandrol’s commitment to working alongside our colleagues in the wider rail community, to build a better balanced and fair rail industry.

    Participation in the Big Rail Diversity Challenge is a fun way to involve our employees in an event that allows us to build a shared commitment to diversity, not only in Pandrol but also with other companies from the sector. 

    We are looking forward to sharing an enjoyable day, working together as a team but also to networking and competing with other industry sector colleagues, to raise the profile of Women in Rail and also promote the benefits of creating a gender diverse workforce.

  • At GB Railfreight, we strive to create an inclusive workplace that understands the value that our people bring to the company.

    We have long pushed for greater diversity and inclusivity within the railway. We are dedicated to seeking and attracting diverse talent that will shape the rail industry for the next fifty years and beyond. Our efforts to attract more diversity as a business have included: reviewing our flexible working practices; provision of an ILM leadership programme to prepare future leaders for our business – with half of attendees being female; increasing the number of female Train Drivers we have hired over the past two years; targeted recruitment campaigns and career days for apprentices and Military forces; and the development of new pilot initiatives to attract more women into the industry.

    We are also launching a People and Culture committee which will be represented by Inclusion Ambassadors across the business. The committee will promote inclusivity in the workplace where diverse thinking is encouraged, and all our people empowered to achieve their potential.

    Redressing the gender balance will only increase the value of our sector, and GBRf are dedicated to continuing this work to support communities and be the continued a leader in the industry.

    GB Railfreight
  • Skanska is extremely proud to be supporting The Big Rail Diversity Challenge and Women in Rail.

    We believe that to be truly diverse we must be an inclusive organisation – one that mirrors the societies in which we work. The challenge is to take a different look at how to create an environment where women can thrive through their careers. During the last couple of years, Skanska has progressed in gender representation, supporting flexible working and in creating a more inclusive environment.

    However, we also recognise that there is much more work to do.

    We must think every day about what the barriers are, and what needs to change in order to make the rail industry, and Skanska, an attractive place where women, and all under-represented groups, want to develop their careers.

  • We believe passionately that we need the right people with the right skills to help us serve our customers in the best possible way. Gender, race, creed and orientation are immaterial to this – and we are working hard to make sure that we live up to this. Our team will be drawn from across our organisation and we will field the best colleagues we can to achieve success in each of the challenges!

    Unipart Rail
  • As a company established by a third-generation female engineer, we are passionate about promoting diversity, demonstrating gender has no boundaries and we are all equal. Led by a woman with a boots on ballast to boardroom career path and made up of a diverse workforce, Motion encapsulates gender balance in the railway and we are proud to be supporting The Big Rail Diversity Challenge.

  • The Central Rail Systems Alliance (CRSA) is supporting The Big Rail Diversity Challenge and Women in Rail because diversity and inclusion is extremely important to the organisation. We want people from all walks of life to have a long, rewarding and successful career in the rail industry and we know a diverse and inclusive work force is the key to unlocking potential. We also want more women and ethnic minorities to join the rail industry as well as encourage and develop the women that already work for us. We believe everyone should have equal opportunity so we want to ensure gender equality and encourage the next generation of women into rail.

    Central Rail Systems Alliance
  • We are proud to be involved with Women in Rail and The Big Rail Diversity Challenge. As a diverse employer, we want to demonstrate that anyone can work in the rail industry  and support this fantastic initiative which promotes this message. We are looking forward to this event and showcasing how some of the diverse talent that works for Ganymede can work together alongside the wider industry.

  • At MTR Elizabeth line, we know that people are our biggest asset and creating a positive, inclusive culture free of any bias or discrimination is integral to ensuring we provide a good place to work. MTR Elizabeth line is an organisation that values its workforce, offering career progression and providing the platform for people to grow and develop.

    As an equal opportunities employer, we promote fairness and equality in the workplace. Diversity is fundamental to our employees and to the way in which we deliver our services. We aim to promote diversity, providing services equitably that meet the needs of all groups within the community. We are committed to equality of opportunity in all areas of employment, which includes recruitment, development and promotion.

    As an example, our most recent train driver figures show that almost 12.5% of MTR Elizabeth line drivers are female – almost double the industry standard. We have also rolled out a training course on the importance of Equality and Diversity in the workplace, which was received positively by all colleagues.

    MTR Elizabeth line is proud to support the promotion of gender diversity and raising awareness of Women in Rail through entering the Big Rail Diversity Challenge. It is a great way to promote these initiatives and network with different companies to share best practice. 

    MTR Elizabeth line
  • As one of the biggest rail upgrade programmes in the North we are dedicated to bringing equality, diversity and inclusion to our workplace, whether that is our support functions, design teams or the people making the work on the track itself happen. We are proud to be part of the Big Rail Diversity Challenge and our enthusiastic team of men and women, from across a range of diverse roles on our programme, are raring to go and to give their all to every challenge whilst having lots of fun!

    Transpennine Route Upgrade (TRU)
  • At EMR, we embrace diversity and are committed to providing an equal, diverse and inclusive workplace for all. We’re pleased to be partnering with Women in Rail in support of the Big Rail Diversity Challenge and continue to encourage our colleagues to take part in these events. It’s a great way to show how focused and passionate we are about diversity and an opportunity to showcase the diverse talents and experience of our workforce.

    East Midlands Railway
  • At Quinn Infrastructure, we know our industry is facing real challenges with skills shortages and confronted with a lack diversity which can inhibit growth in our sector. Quinn Infrastructure are extremely proud of our gender balanced teams and are committed to promotion and retention of both sexes. We are particularly mindful of working mothers and returnee woman to the workplace. This is echoed in our inclusion and diversity policy and strengthened by our company values. In addition, we offer flexible working arrangements such as reduced hours contracts and remote access where possible. Being part of the big rail great diversity challenge and supporting Woman in Rail reinforces this commitment to attracting and retaining the best, most diverse talent.

    Having a transparent inclusion culture within Quinn Infrastructure encourages our staff to be part of the conversation and brings the team together from each discipline to bond and participate.

    Quinn Infrastructure
  • Diversity and inclusion are a priority for CPMS as our biggest asset is our people and with 55% of our workforce being women we have a shared goal with ‘Women in Rail’ to promote a shared and gender balanced working environment, looking to raise awareness and support for women within the rail industry. Our differences make us all unique and that is what underpins our diverse workforce, enabling us to offer different skills and expertise to businesses and our clients. This is reflected in our company culture where people are treated with respect, dignity and valued as individuals.

    CPMS are supporting ‘The Big Rail Diversity Challenge’ not only to promote women in rail but to act as an advocate of SME’s. UK SME’s employ 60% of employees, with 51% of the total private sector turnover being produced by them. Only 19% of these SME’s employing more than 1 person are female led. And so, with the Government looking to increase it’s spending by 33% by 2020, CPMS would like to help increase the opportunity’s for SME’s within the sector whilst simultaneously increasing the opportunities for women.

    CPMS Group
  • We strongly believe in improving diversity and inclusion within the rail sector. Our workforce should be as diverse as the communities we serve. Not only is improving the gender balance in rail the right thing to do, it is also fundamental for performing successfully as a company. We were one of the first FTSE 250 companies to have a 50% representation of women on our Board, and our rail companies (Southeastern and GTR) have campaigns aimed at recruiting and retain women in rail.

    We are setting clear targets to recruit women into roles across the business – especially in train driving positions. GTR’s overarching target is for 40% of applicants for train driver roles to be female by 2021. Southeastern and GTR both have women’s networks aimed at empowering female colleagues from across the business to tackle relevant issues.

    We have been a long-term supporter of Women in Rail as we recognise the importance of highlighting the contribution of women in the rail industry to the broader public. The event helps to raise awareness of women across the business and showcases role models.

    Go Ahead
  • The Big Rail Diversity Challenge and Women in Rail showcases the proactive work being done towards creating a culture of accessible and visible opportunities for all – something we’re incredibly proud to be supporting and importantly championing. We need to create a diverse and inclusive workplace if we are to succeed as individuals, as teams, as companies and within industry. At Morson we are proud to work with so many inspiring, committed, intelligent and ambitious individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds. By supporting the Big Rail Diversity Challenge and Women in Rail, Morson celebrates the significant contributions of people and organisations who have improved workforce diversity within the rail industry.

    Morson Group
  • At Colas Rail we are fully committed to bringing more women into the rail industry and actively seek, engage, develop and promote women from all socio and economic backgrounds from engineering, ex-military to refugees in the hopes of readdressing the balance. The “Women in Rail, Big Rail Diversity Challenge” provides us with the opportunity to demonstrate our support for promoting diversity within the rail industry and is a key part of our growth strategy within Colas Rail. Events such as this provide invaluable networking opportunities for women in our sector.

    Our commitment to equality and diversity within the workplace plays a major role in ensuring we recruit and develop the right people for our business. As a multinational company our people come from all over the world, proactively supporting women in rail creates a workplace culture that celebrates our differences, allows for fresh thinking and new perspectives and enhances the quality of our delivery to all of our customers.

    Colas Rail
  • AEGIS isdelighted to be supporting the 2020 Women in Rail Big Diversity Challenge because the initiative fits squarely with our core values.

    Currently, 26% of our employees are women and we can only see that percentage rising in the future as our company increases in size.
    We are committed to the principle of equality of opportunity in employment and recognise our obligations under the Equality Act 2010 and the related codes of practice.

    AEGIS works hard to ensure that all our employees are given equal access to training and development opportunities irrespective of gender, disability, age, race, religion, marital status, or sexual orientation and strive to empower our people by respecting and appreciating what makes them different.

    Our main aim is to encourage a respectful, safe, positive, nurturing and equal working environment for all.

    We are very much looking forward to competing for the first time in this fantastic event.

    Good luck to all teams involved in the challenge!

  • Participating in the ‘Big Rail Diversity Challenge’, alongside such a wide range of companies and customers in the UK rail industry, is a fantastic opportunity for everyone involved. Will both genders in each team perform roles perceived as “non-traditional” or will the challenges highlight particular abilities? What a way to find out!

  • DRS is thrilled to be taking part in The Big Rail Diversity Challenge for another year.

    Promoting equality, diversity and inclusion is central to DRS’s core values and we are working hard across the entire organisation to ensure we have the best colleagues, from all backgrounds, and actively promoting underrepresented groups within our workforce.

    The culture is being led from the very top of the organisation by Managing Director Debbie Francis and Business Service Director Natasha Hanson. Acting as strong role models for women within the rail industry they have been the driving force behind increasing the number of women who work for DRS and also encouraging women within DRS to seek opportunities across the business including driving, fitting and engineering.

    Team DRS can’t wait to get stuck into the challenges and to meet other like-minded individuals from across the industry.

    Direct Rail Services
  • Team Simply the HEx is entering the Big Rail Diversity Challenge to test our mettle against fellow rail professionals and celebrate the diverse people keeping our industry moving. As the gateway to London for people from all over the world we’re proud our colleagues are as diverse as our passengers.

    This challenge is a great chance to show the benefits of a diverse team and as the fastest way between London and Heathrow, speed is everything for us!

    Heathrow Express
  • Knorr-Bremse Rail Systems UK is delighted to again be involved with, and supporting, the Big Rail Diversity Challenge, in addition to its aim and goals. The challenge, a day of fun, gender balanced team challenges, fosters both positive networking and team working, all whilst promoting the importance of gender diversity.

    We strongly believe that diversity, equality and inclusion are all hugely important to success, and we look forward to demonstrating this as we compete against our rail industry colleagues!

    Knorr-Bremse Rail UK
  • As a member of Women in Rail and a committed supporter and advocate of the benefits a diverse and inclusive team brings, we’re delighted to be taking part in this year’s Big Rail Diversity Challenge. We’ve partnered with our colleagues at Network Rail to take on the challenge and are looking forward to a day of team building whilst raising funds for charity.

    Morgan Sindall
  • We put equality, diversity and inclusion at the heart of our organisation, promoting fair employment procedures and practices to ensure equal opportunities for all. We value the diversity of our staff and are committed to creating an inclusive work environment where everyone can bring their full selves to work. We know that diverse teams build creativity and that inclusive workplaces support innovation. We’re proud to have achieved the National Equality Standard (NES) and know the importance of continuing improvement and sharing best practice. This is why Mott MacDonald are, once again, proud to support the Big Rail Diversity Challenge and Women in Rail.

    Mott Macdonald
  • “NSAR is delighted to be involved in “Women in Rail: Big Rail Diversity Challenge” and coordinate industry efforts in attracting and promoting new talent to enable the rail sector to be competitively positioned with other industries.

    We are committed to diversity, equality and inclusion and aim to transform rail into a sector where each individual is able to succeed based on their dreams, skills and talent.”

    National Skills Academy For Railway
  • Network Rail is committed to focusing on Diversity and Inclusion. That way we can create a high-performing culture, where safety and performance go hand in hand.

    We are a team who belong to the Infrastructure Track community who work to deliver maintenance and renewals projects on the UK railway tracks. We work throughout the UK and are made up on teams from diverse backgrounds who unite to achieve our aims.

    We are delighted to support the Women In Rail Diversity Challenge and showcase some of our hidden talents. We are looking to celebrate our diversity and challenge each other to be the best that we can be, and support our industry. We are a committed team who are looking to unite and have a lot of fun.

    We want Network Rail to be seen as an employer of choice who welcomes everyone no matter who they are.

    Network Rail
  • Porterbrook is committed to providing equal opportunities throughout employment, including recruitment, training and promotion of employees.  We recognise and actively promote the benefits of a diverse workforce and are committed to treating all individuals with dignity and respect.

  • ‘Everyone is Different. Everyone is precisely right’

    Risktec is an independent and specialist provider of risk management consulting, resourcing, learning and inspection services, helping to manage safety, asset integrity and environmental risk and is part of the global TÜV Rheinland Group with whom we share the above Diversity Statement, not just words but a set of values.

    We are in a position to hire and promote based on attitude and aptitude because we can provide industry specific training and experience.

    Joining Risktec offers the opportunity to work on interesting and influential projects for the rail industry and we are rightly proud about the diversity in our workforce. We recognise that as consultants, we send a strong message to our clients that diversity works.

    Taking part in the Big Rail Diversity Challenge 2020 is not only great fun but an opportunity to network with other organisations sharing our values.

    Risktec Solutions Ltd
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are the guiding principles that have governed RSS Infrastructure (RSSI) Limited’s business strategy from the very beginning. The company is committed to acquiring a diverse range of talent to help foster an environment of creativity and innovation, ensuring that the organisation remains one of the UK’s leading providers of infrastructure services.

    If the UK economy is to meet both its productivity and infrastructure targets over the course of the next five years, then it is fantastic initiatives like the Women In Rail ‘Big Rail Diversity Challenge’ that will help change perceptions within the industry of what is deemed ‘traditional’ tasks for men and women. This diversification of roles will help to improve business processes, inspire a new generation of industry leaders who in turn will help to formulate a lasting legacy that is built on a foundation of respect and appreciation of difference.

    RSS Infrastructure
  • At ScotRail we’re committed to creating a culture that embraces diversity, inclusion and belonging for everyone.

    We take Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging seriously, because we recognise that in order to serve our customers and passengers effectively, we need to represent the communities we serve and our colleagues need to feel valued for who they are and comfortable brining their full, authentic selves to work.  An inclusive and diverse work environment in which we all feel a sense of belonging helps us do the best work of our lives.

    Our mission is to make inclusion and diversity our way of doing business, so that it becomes effortless.  We want everyone working at ScotRail to feel included and accepted for who they are, whatever their background or belief – Everyone is welcome at ScotRail.

  • Serco Rail Technical Services are participating in and supporting the Big Rail Diversity Challenge as we understand the importance of creating and improving awareness of gender diversity. We’ve pulled together a team of women and men to work together going head to head against other rail organisation’s teams.

    We recognise that diversity is good for the business environment as it drives inclusion and team work, it helps to increase productivity, knowledge sharing and encourages an entrepreneurial and innovative culture for the creation of new ideas.

    It’s a good opportunity for us as an organisation to take part in TBRDC, for our team to bring back new ideas and implement these in the office/working environment, with diversity in mind, with the benefits it can bring to our business.

    Serco Rail Technical Services
  • Gender diversity is much more than a statistic, it brings innovation, creativity and balance to the workplace. More often than not gender diversity is considered as an afterthought and box ticking exercise.

    CAF is delighted to be participating in the Big Rail Diversity Challenge and supporting such a worthwhile cause. CAF is an advocate of gender diversity and wants to be a part of sharing that message within the rail industry.

  • Participating in the ‘Big Rail Diversity Challenge’, alongside such a wide range of companies and customers in the UK rail industry, is a fantastic opportunity for everyone involved. Will both genders in each team perform roles perceived as “non-traditional” or will the challenges highlight particular abilities? What a way to find out!

  • Carmichael UK are delighted to be sponsoring the Big Rail Diversity Challenge. We continue to advance our commitment in respecting and valuing diversity. We actively promote a workplace for our contractors and internal staff, where people of all identities and experiences are understood, valued and fully included.

    We believe that the construction industry is making positive strides in being a fully inclusive sector. In supporting the Big Rail Diversity challenge we hope to increase the presence of women and all genders through this initiative, inspiring people to see the construction industry as a viable pathway to a successful career.

    Our commitment to gender equality in the construction industry is strongly represented through our staff, where 50% of our senior management and director positions are held by women.

    As a company we foster a culture where diversity is celebrated and an environment that is welcome to all is maintained.

    We hope you enjoy the day!

    Carmichael UK
  • We are delighted to be supporting this year’s Women in Rail, Big Rail Diversity Challenge which in 2018 certainly lived up to its billing as being ‘a fun event with a serious message’. The event provided a perfect opportunity for people to work together and showcase the very best results diversity can bring – whether that be gender; ethnicity, faith, disability or age. It was also a great chance colleagues for colleagues, partners and competitors form across the industry to meet and discuss some of the challenges we face.

    As an organisation, our commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) runs throughout the company, helping us to define our mix of people and focus on how we embed and develop a culture which enables us to perform at our best and work together seamlessly.

    We’re very much looking forward to competing in the 2019 Challenge and continuing to support this fantastic event.

    Siemens Mobility
  • Our YRP team members are both eager and excited to participate in WR’s BIG Rail Diversity Challenge. This action-packed day is sure to be great fun for everyone involved, but it represents much more.

    The vision of this team building, networking and fundraising event extends far beyond the gender-balanced teams tackling the challenges. This day is raising awareness of the benefits of gender diversity and advocating for a more representative rail industry. Women in Rail see a future railway industry which has more than just 16% women across the board and more than 4% female engineers. YRP are proud to support WR as they work to make this future a reality. For the first time in our history, YRP has gender balanced executive committee.

    Young Rail Professionals
  • Our success depends on challenging convention and introducing better ways of working, so building a truly diverse workforce that bring a wide range of ideas and perspectives is really important to us.
    We’re excited to be taking part in the Big Rail Diversity Challenge to help to raise awareness of the importance of diversity and attract more women into our industry.

    S&C North Alliance
  • HS2 is delighted to take part in the Big Rail Diversity Challenge. We believe attracting more women into rail, and engineering generally, is crucial in addressing the skills gap issues currently affecting the sector. HS2 strives to be an exemplar of EDI practice and is pleased to have the opportunity to highlight the import issue of diversity in rail through this fantastic event. We wish all the teams entering the best of luck.

    High Speed Two
  • TSP Projects is participating in the Big Rail Diversity Challenge because it represents our core beliefs. TSP Projects is a people-orientated business that understands and values the contributions all our employees make, not only to improve our workplace, but the engineering industry as a whole.  We recognise and value the differences in our employee’s backgrounds and skills and aim to provide equality of opportunity regardless of gender, sexual orientation, part-time or fixed term status, parental responsibilities, marital status, race, colour, national or ethnic origin, disability, religion, political views or age.

    Attending the Challenge allows us to continue to support and encourage the diversity we currently have in our workplace as well as shining a spotlight on our aspirations for the diverse workplace of the future. We believe that the variety of experience and skill sets we enjoy at TSP Projects benefits us internally and externally, providing our clients with fresh ideas and new perspectives.

    TSP Projects
  • NTAR are excited to be involved in the ‘Big Rail Diversity Challenge 2020’ promoting the varied and rewarding opportunities the rail industry has to offer.

    The Big Rail Diversity Challenge catalyses support for nre ideas through networking and team building to produce a successful and inclusive workforce.

    Diversity, Equality and inclusion are driving factors within our strategy and it is only through a cohesive effort across the industry that we can create and implement an attractive and welcoming environment for future generations.

    National Training Academy For Rail
  • McGinley Support Services fully supports the Women in Rail Big Diversity Challenge and is looking forward to the various challenges on the day.

    As a business we are fully committed to diversity and inclusivity across the board and work hard to encourage new and exciting talent from all walks of life into the rail industry. We are audited by Equality Assured that confirms good practise and continual development in Equality and Diversity. We are also keen to learn from other businesses to see if we can improve our approach in any way. There are huge benefits to operating a diverse workforce and we need to do all we can to ensure that the rail industry is a viable choice for talented women to further their careers.

    McGinley Support Services
  • At MTR Crossrail, we realise that people are our biggest asset and creating a positive, inclusive culture free of any bias or discrimination is integral to ensuring we provide a great place to work.

    quality and diversity is at the forefront of everything we do and as a company, we promote and encourage employees from both genders and varied backgrounds to pursue personal development opportunities and support them in continually improving within the business. We regularly attend events promoting diversity with organisations such as ENEI & Stonewall.

    As an example, in our most-recent recruitment drive for trainee drivers, a targeted campaign saw the number of female applicants increase from 7% to 11%. We have also rolled out a training course on the importance of Equality & Diversity in the workplace which was positively received by all staff.

    MTR Crossrail is proud to support the promotion of gender diversity and raising awareness of Women in Rail through entering the Big Rail Diversity Challenge. It is a great way to promote these initiatives and network with different companies to share best practice.

    We look forward to the day and giving our continued support.

    MTR Crossrail
  • Govia’s train operating companies London Midland, GTR and South Eastern are proud to be supporting Women in Rail – The Big Rail Diversity Challenge. Govia is committed to doing all it can to encourage and celebrate a diverse workforce. We believe in equality of opportunity and success built on talent, hard work and enjoyment- a winning combination!
    This unique and exciting event will be a great opportunity to engage with colleagues across the industry and, hopefully, take home the spoils.

  • Arriva TrainCare is passionate in promoting Diversity in the rail industry, diversity is at the heart of recruitment decisions and we are keen to incorporate a diverse workforce wherever possible. We embrace continuous improvement and welcome ideas from everyone. Arriva TrainCare are proud to be taking part in the Big Rail Diversity Challenge, this is a great opportunity to promote our commitment and support for a welcomed campaign.

    Arriva TrainCare
  • TfL is an equal opportunities employer promoting and valuing people through fairness and inclusion. We provide a world-class transport network and we want to be an employer of choice for Londoners. We aim to have a workforce that is as diverse as the city we serve, led by inclusive leaders. We would also like our people managers to be highly trained and effective, to manage people positively and confidently, and our staff to feel engaged, supported and included within the workplace.

    We know that our workforce does not currently reflect the diversity of the Capital’s population. Fifty-one per cent of the population of London are women and 45 per cent of economically active Londoners are women whereas just fewer than 24 per cent of our workforce are women. TfL pledges to address this imbalance by encouraging future female engineers into the industry and taking part in the Big Rail Diversity Challenge will be a huge boost.

    Transport For London
  • We understand that a diverse workforce creates a better working environment, with wider scope for innovation, development and knowledge sharing. We are proud of who we are and the inclusive way we work and believe that equality diversity and inclusion is fundamental to our business and to ensure we attract and retain a diverse workforce.

    Events such as this create help promote gender engagement, not only across teams but by the industry as a whole, and is why we have supported the Big Rail Diversity Challenge since it began in 2016.

  • At Fusion we are committed to evolving are methods in order to attract women into rail. Breaking away from conventional, restrictive methods which for too long have limited access to industry opportunities.

    Fusion are delighted to be involved in the Big Rail Diversity Challenge for the second year. To help accelerate the message of gender diversity and inclusion; the Fusion team will be made up of members from Fusion, strategic partners and the supply chain.

    For Fusion being involved in the Big Rail Diversity Challenge represents the ideal opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to change, exploring new methods that reach and consult with a potentially untapped and skilled, female resource pool.

    Attracting a diverse and inclusive workforce is just the first step, we also look to harness a culture that is progressive and dynamic, nurturing the talent of our people.

    Fusion are proud to be supporting the Big Rail Diversity challenge and the efforts of leading organisations such as Women in Rail.

  • We are supporting the Big Rail Diversity Challenge and Women in Rail because: We have a very diverse workforce… 49% of our employees are women, 60% exec team are female. High level of ethnicity. We reflect our customers and we believe in the concept that the Big Rail Diversity Challenge promotes.

    High Speed 1
  • At VGC Group, we are working hard to increase the diversity of our workforce. We know that diverse teams outperform those which are less diverse, and we are committed to fairness, inclusion and respect in everything we do.

    The industry skills shortage, exacerbated by Brexit and an ageing workforce, is no secret. And while women make up more than half the UK population, women make up just 13% of the total 3 million construction industry workforce. Women aren’t being attracted into the industry – for every female apprentice in construction there are 56 males.

    So we have set up programmes to attract, recruit and retain talented women. VGC is a member of NAWIC, a supporter of ‘Inspire Me’, and a silver member of Women into Construction. We have signed the FIR ‘Better for Everyone’ Commitment, and we are the first labour supply company in the UK to achieve the new Ethical Labour Sourcing Standard.

    Taking part in the Big Rail Diversity Challenge is another way for us to promote gender equality across the industry, and help us to to increase women’s participation in our workforce.

    The VGC Group
  • At East Midlands Trains we embrace diversity and are committed to providing an equal, diverse and inclusive workplace for all. We want to reflect the customers and communities that we serve across all areas of our business; not just because it is the right thing to do, but because gender balance and diversity more broadly will help us to carry on delivering great performance.

    We’re pleased to be partnering with Women in Rail in support of the Big Diversity Challenge and continue to encourage our colleagues to take part in these events. It’s a great way to show how focused and passionate we are about diversity and an opportunity to meet like-minded companies who share this level of commitment and enthusiasm.

    East Midlands Trains
  • At Arcadis, diversity is more than a word – it is a commitment underpinned by our core values. We believe that, by working together, people with diverse experiences conceive the most innovative ideas. To deliver on this promise, Arcadis creates an environment where each individual has the same opportunity to achieve his or her full potential, where human differences are valued, and where individuals feel respected and empowered. So ultimately, having diversity within our people hones our competitive edge and contributes to our company’s strength.

    Taking part in the Big Rail Diversity challenge is a way for us to celebrate the diversity in our workforce.

  • SNC-Lavalin is supporting the Women in Rail Big Rail Diversity Challenge because we believe that a diverse workforce is an essential factor in making a company successful.

    Our core values of respect, ethics and compliance, and teamwork and excellence support diversity in the workplace. These values are put into practice every day by our employees across the globe.

    Through our sponsorship of Young Rail Professionals (YRP), we are reaching out to young professionals and students of all backgrounds to promote gender diversity. We are also dedicated to making a positive impact within the rail community, and are proud to take part in the Three Peaks by Rail Challenge each year.

    Our team is excited to promote diversity in the workplace and is looking forward to competing against other companies in a series of fun challenges at this great event.

    SNC Lavalin
  • NCB is looking forward to taking part in the Diversity to challenge to celebrate the diversity in our business and to actively support increasing the diversity of the rail industry. We believe that a gender balanced business offers significant value and we look forward to competing with equally minded organisations and their teams.

    Network Certification Body
  • Jacobs participation in the Big Rail Diversity Challenge is a great opportunity for the team to network both within the company and other firms of the rail industry. But also to prove diverse teams work better and how everyone can contribute to the team in different ways, no matter their gender/age/experience.

    We look forward to spending the day at this fun event with our industry peers.

  • The Department for Transport is delighted to support the Women in Rail Big Rail Diversity Challenge. We are passionate about getting more women into the transport sector and clear on the vital role women can play right across the industry.

    Department for Transport
  • Angel Trains is wholly committed to supporting the diversification of the rail industry’s workforce and is dedicated to encouraging more women to view UK rail as a long-lasting career option. As a proud signatory of the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Charter established by Women in Rail and the Railway Industry Association, we are delighted to sponsor Women in Rail. Founded by former General Counsel, Adeline Ginn, with the support of Malcolm Brown, CEO at Angel Trains, the group now in its ninth year encourages women to take up a career in rail, providing networking opportunities and support for all women in the rail industry. The group encourages key stakeholders to adopt diversity as a business strategy and actioning initiatives aimed at positioning rail as an attractive career choice for young people.

    The Big Rail Diversity Challenge is a hugely important step for Women in Rail’s agenda, allowing companies from across the industry to demonstrate their commitment to diversity alongside the business benefits of a gender diverse workforce. While Women in Rail has long provided women in the industry a platform with which to interact and support one another, this initiative seeks to encourage greater collaborative working.

    Angel Trains recognises that drawing on talent from a wide variety of backgrounds enables the industry to create competitive advantage and drive innovative solutions. By engaging a diverse pool of talent, the industry can tackle inequality head on, creating a more productive and successful industry in the process.

    Angel Trains
  • Our vision at CrossCountry is to deliver Great Journeys across Great Britain and we believe it is the investment we make in our people that is the key to delivering this. As a business we are committed to attracting talent who will not only make a difference to our business but also to the rail industry.

    Having the opportunity to support Women in Rail’s Big Diversity Challenge demonstrates how important we feel it is to highlight the benefits of diversity in our industry.

    This year, we are delighted to have two teams participating in this unique event which will truly exhibit the importance of diversity in pursuit of achievement. We wish the greatest of luck to all those involved.

  • Why is RSSB supporting the Women in Rail, Big Rail Diversity Challenge?

    Over the last four years, we have been engaged with the Women in Rail mentoring scheme as part of our wider strategy to support gender diversity, so when we were offered the opportunity to take part we couldn’t refuse.

    The essential ethos of RSSB is to encourage and facilitate collaboration between rail companies of all types, therefore we feel this event provides a great opportunity for cross-industry teams to network, socialise and celebrate the railways embracing the diversity agenda.

    The chance of entering a team has also enabled us to further raise the profile of diversity internally, and has presented us with our own challenge of mobilising a mixed gender team of voluntary champions. In addition, this will help us build on our own diversity agenda plans.

    Bring on the challenge!

  • SCS value relationships and celebrate diversity of all types. Our partner companies with cultures from the UK, Sweden, Austria and Germany, already bring a diverse team together. We know people are at their best when they can be themselves so creating an inclusive culture is vital to us. Driving diversity and inclusion by bringing people together through events such as the Big Rail Diversity Challenge as well as internal networking groups, is how we share best practice across the industry.

    Plus, we enjoy a little competition now and then! Together we aim to attract people from diverse backgrounds, creating environments where are people feel valued, able to contribute and reach their potential. The Big Rail Diversity Challenge gives us an opportunity to show how successful our equal male / female teams can be, all whilst supporting the Railway Children Charitable Foundation. We are certainly looking forward to taking part!

    Skanska, Costain and STRABAG (SCS)
  • Freightliner, as part of G&W UK/Europe Region, supports The Big Rail Diversity Challenge because it allows us to demonstrate that there is categorically a place for women in rail. Despite underrepresentation of women in the rail industry, Freightliner actively encourages the recruitment and promotion of women at all levels within the business. We believe that the event showcases a key principal of rail, which is that teamwork and diversity is not only beneficial, but also essential to the productivity and success of a business. We want the rail industry to reflect the society that it serves, a society comprised of both men and women performing essential jobs within their everyday lives. To not support inclusion, of whatever kind, would significantly limit our talent pool, thereby inhibiting opportunities for future growth and innovation in our industry.

    G&W UK/Europe Region
  • We are clear about what makes us different – it is our people, united by a set of shared values that will guide us through this period of unprecedented change. It’s the way we do things.

    To realise our transformation and achieve our purpose of revaluing rail in the hearts and minds of the travelling public, we know that we need a strong, diverse workforce.

    We’re renewing our focus on gender diversity, putting in plans to attract, support and develop women that will help us become a better, more inclusive business.

    With the support of our Executive Team, the newly-formed GWR Women In Rail Forum – represented by men and women from across our network – will drive action to improve our gender balance and help get people talking about key issues.

  • Arup is creating an inclusive working environment based on merit, fairness and respect. One that encourages talented people of any background to produce their best work of the highest quality. As a humane organisation, we embrace the skills, abilities and knowledge that only a diverse and inclusive workforce can provide, to create solutions, and give advice, that improves society as a whole.

    We’ve made it our mission to shape a better world, and it is our people’s diverse range of skills and experiences that enables us to do this.

  • Here at Southeastern, we recognise the importance of diversity in the workplace and are committed to shaping a workplace environment which supports inclusivity.

    Our diversity monitoring, amongst other measures, shows that women are underrepresented in our workforce, especially where we consider roles that may reflect societal views of which jobs are traditionally male or female i.e. train drivers. We are therefore investing time and effort to encourage women to join Southeastern, especially in underrepresented roles by setting a target to boost the number of female applicants to train driver roles from 14% to 40% by 2021. This is in addition to ensuring there are not barriers to progression for the women who currently work with us.

    As part of our commitment to promote and enhance gender diversity, we have decided to once again participate in the Big Rail Diversity Challenge with gender balanced teams as part of our drive to appreciate and celebrate diversity.

    We fully support the work of Women in Rail. A number of our women and men are individual members and we are proud to participate in the cross-company Women in Rail mentoring scheme with 10 mentoring pairs. Additionally, we are exploring opportunities to further collaborate with Women in Rail across our network in new and innovative ways.

    Southeastern Railway
  • Here at Thales Ground Transportation Systems we fully acknowledge both the importance and benefit of diversity in the work place whilst recognising that diversity is a serious topic that deserves continued and genuine focus

    Our Social Value strategy includes activities that ultimately promote the diversity agenda within the UK Rail Industry help to position rail as an attractive career option for all regardless of gender, age or ethnicity.

    Our support includes reaching out into the community, education and the workforce into areas such as mentoring; volunteering; STEM and other diversity promoting activities.

    We are delighted to be supporting the Big Rail Diversity Challenge 2021 as it is perfectly aligned to the diversity elements of our social value strategy.

    We are very proud to be both entering a team and to be sponsors of the Tuck Shop! We see this to be a fun and engaging way to support and demonstrate our ongoing commitment to diversity in the UK Rail Industry.

    Our participation in the Big Rail Diversity Challenge is a great way of showcasing our organisations continued commitment towards diversity across GTS.

    Thales Ground Transportation Systems
  • As a forward-thinking employer that places diversity at the heart of our business we believe that the future of rail must be inclusive to provide the invaluable skills needed to continue to drive the economy forward.

    That is why we fully support the Big Rail Diversity Challenge and Women in Rail.