The National Skills Academy Rail

NSARE was established in November 2010, and NSARE Limited was incorporated in January 2011 as a ‘not for profit’ company, wholly owned by its Members. In December 2015, we dropped the ‘E’ from our name to reflect the wider industry view that we focus on all aspects of the rail industry not the engineering elements. Today we have in excess of 360 Member organisations and in June 2013, we were presented with our BS 11000 Certificate of Registration for Collaborative Business Relationships.

NSAR is the epitome of collaboration; it has been developed by the industry for the industry to fulfill the strategic role of developing and implementing the skills strategy, which supports the industry’s vision to create a modern and efficient, value for money, world class railway through the development of a highly skilled and productive workforce.

NSAR coordinates industry efforts in attracting and promoting new talent to enable the rail sector to be competitively positioned with other industries. In collaboration with our members, universities, colleges and training providers we establish a modern qualification framework and apprentice programme that will increase competency across the sector. We support trainers and ensure the quality of training provision is of high standard.

Through knowledge and intelligence we help our sector and our members make informed decisions and target investment in resource planning. Our brokerage role enables the industry to increase its competitiveness through matching skills and workforce demand to training and education supply for both upskilling and apprentices, thus enabling rail companies to deliver a more efficient railway; having the right people at the right time in the right place.

Our credibility within the industry, our unique resource and knowledge, enables us to provide specific support to individual companies who seek to meet their skills needs. In a rapidly changing skills landscape we act as a coordinated powerful voice, on behalf of the sector, to influence government policy and planning safeguarding rail sectors interest.

For the DfT STAR Framework, we have qualified as an EXPERT Grade Category B Supplier, along with Candour Consultancy, Schofield Lothian, Xanta and Parsons Group International.

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  • “NSAR is delighted to be involved in “Women in Rail: Big Rail Diversity Challenge” and coordinate industry efforts in attracting and promoting new talent to enable the rail sector to be competitively positioned with other industries.

    We are committed to diversity, equality and inclusion and aim to transform rail into a sector where each individual is able to succeed based on their dreams, skills and talent.”